• Lightning payments
  • PoS app or web app
  • Available in Canada

Payment processors


  • Maximum payment: US$2,500
  • 0.5% for BTC, 1% for fiat
  • Shopify integration. Super easy to set up! Cool slider for BTC/CAD ratio
  • “Bitcoin Payment Terminal” Ability to set up multiple accounts (e.g. online sales, main location, off-site sales) and multiple terminals, e.g. multiple cashiers or servers
  • Handles tipping relatively well
  • Looks like this, can see recent transactions


  • Great documentation, lots and lots of plugins (Woocommerce, Shopify, Wix, Magento, PrestaShop, etc)
  • Two business days, Minimum settlement: US$2,500
  • No web-checkout app. Requires download of a separate app through AppStore or PlayStore


  • 1% fee
  • Individual KYC: SSN, Photo ID, Identity confirmation
  • Corporate KYC: SSN, Photo ID, Business Documentation, Beneficial Owner Documentation
  • Create payment requests, make templates, create formal invoices
  • Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Opencart
  • No checkout app or web-app, making this useful only for custom or web integrations


  • 1% fee to receive and 1% to send
  • Easy to set up
  • KYC only if you need CAD
  • Looks like this

Wallets with point-of-sale functionality


  • Made in Vancouver!
  • Easy set up, no download required
  • Receive payments through any smart phone or tablet, only requires internet access and browser
  • Can integrate with a printer easily
  • Widely used around Vancouver
  • Also useful for onchain and Liquid payments
  • Tips go into the same wallet

Wallet of Satoshi

  • From Australia
  • App based, rather than web based
  • Cannot handle tipping


  • From El Salvador
  • Requires phone number to sign up
  • Can hold both USD and BTC
  • Accompanied by web app that looks like this
  • Easy integration into BTCPay



  • No fees, no signup. Self-hosted server.
  • Requires some maintenance and technical expertise
  • Costs about US$7 per month on Lunanode
  • Requires some channel management for Lightning
  • Looks like this


  • No fees, no signup. Self-hosted server.
  • Requires either channel management for Lightning or a custodial API such as OpenNode or LNPay.
  • Lightning-only
  • Primitive PoS
  • Lots of fun integrations and functionality, such as LNURLp for tips, which can go into a separate wallet
  • Looks like this


Bull Bitcoin

  • ~1.5% fee
  • Only verifies email and phone number for amounts lower than CA$1,000 per transaction (CA$10,000 per day)
  • Instant interac transfers
  • Minimum payment CA$25


  • You’re a local business that wants close support

–> Sign up with Coinos! If you need help, they are always nearby

  • You’re a technically minded business owner who wants to hold their own keys while reliably accepting Bitcoin payments online and offline.

–> Go run BTCPay! If you need CAD, go through Bull Bitcoin or Neutronpay.

  • You want to integrate Bitcoin payments into your online shop and don’t want to worry about running a server or manage your own node. You want either BTC or CAD.

–> Integrate with OpenNode!

  • You run a brick and mortar shop with multiple cashiers or locations. You want CAD or BTC and don’t want to worry about servers or nodes.

–> Sign up with IBEX!