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Start9 Labs releases Stable Diffusion (text-to-image AI) and FreeGPT (chat AI) on StartOS

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Smart Vaults - Inheritance planning, social recovery, time locks, etc. using miniscript, taproot and schnoor signatures

blip-0029: Taproot Asset Protocol Channels


SimLN Amboss, Coinbase Driving Bitcoin’s Lightning Fast Layer 2 Payments




Oman’s Bold Bitcoin Play: $1.1 Billion Investment On Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure

FASB proposes Accounting Standards Update on Accounting for and Disclosure of Crypto Assets

FASB explainer for those other than accounting nerds

US Judge denies SEC request to inspect Binance.US

Bitcoin security model is a curve, not a budget or a hashrate

2023 (Central Banking) Banking Crisis

Network Data

DoS: Fake Lightning Channels

PayPal Partner Paxos Overpaid $510,750 In The Largest USD Bitcoin Transaction Fee Ever

Phishing Attack on Cloud Provider With Fortune 500 Clients Led to $15M Crypto Theft From Fortress Trust

Token Layer

blip-tap: initial bLIP draft for Taproot Asset Protocol channels

Ordinals inscription numbers are NOT immutable

What is a bitcoin drivechain? (bitcoin twitter’s recent focus)

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eNuts is a Cashu wallet for Android and iOS

LND v0.17.0-beta

GPUtopia GPU Marketplace

Bitcoin engraved mugs available from Inkfire Studios

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Bitcoin research day 2023

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #268: Recap Podcast


My Sofa is a Sidechain